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Be Your Own CFO - All The Tools You Need To BYOCFO

All companies need a CFO on their team.  As a business owner, you need a full-time CFO, a part-time CFO, or you need to become your own CFO.  

BYO CFO is designed to help business owners allocate a portion of their time to be a part-time CFO.

See the selection of courses and free training links to help you up your game.  To really take it to the next level - join the BYOCFO membership platform for ongoing support and help.

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Start with Some Free Stuff

Understand what it takes to be a CFO - if you're the CEO or the bookkeeper. 

Any company or organization requires CFO thinking.  This is a great way to increase your game!

Deep Dive

We dive into critical areas deep.

We focus on solid financial closing process and valuable reporting.

We get a handle on your weekly cash flow and give you a consistent process that works.

We develop an operating plan - with a monthly financial forecast, simplified reporting, and improvement strategies to improve profitability and cash flow. 

Awesome Tools and Actionable Improvement Plans

We have many useful tools and training videos.

We walkthrough your cash flow drivers and develop a cash flow projection process and other systems that work - week after week. 

We look at your accounting process improve the efficiency of your backroom.

We have tools to look at your overall strategy and metrics.  We have tools to stratify the profitability of your customer base. 

We develop immediately usable action plans to increase your profitability and cash flow.

You will sleep better at night!

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Business

This series of courses and free tools is for small business owners who need to be their own CFO.  They know they need to focus on the number, but they worry about weekly cash demands.  This is also for the controller or the executive who wants to look like a star and deliver value to the leadership team.

The Cash Flow Course

I love the cash flow course.  This straightforward process helped me survive during 2020.  I can't say enough about this course by Jon.

Call to Action

Download this quick .pdf of the 10 Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make from a CFO's Perspective.  It's free and guaranteed to help you out.

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